Tuesday, 20 September 2016

My Autumn TBR!

Today is officially the beginning of Autumn so Happy Autumn!
My Autumn and Winter reading is always different from my Spring and Summer reading. In the darker months I feel like I can get stuck into deeper reads, whereas in the bright months I want light reads. It's not a hard or fast rule, but it is a trend I've noticed for a while. So here are the books I want to read now that Summer- or what we got of it, is well and truly over.

I'm continuing my re-read of The Chronicles of the Invaders by Jennifer Ridyard and John Connolly that I started last month because I really want to finish this series this year. I can't believe I've had the last book for over a year and haven't read it yet. Last book fear is real!

I reached for Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth a couple months ago after finishing the series and wanting to read the source material, only to find it was blank for the first 50ish pages! Luckily the publisher was absolutely wonderful about sending me another copy and thus, it joined my Autumn TBR. I'm excited to read more in-depth about London in the 1950s.

The Edge Chronicles by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell were on my Summer TBR but it just didn't feel like the right time to read them. They're full of dark forests and creaking ships, and that's more Autumn to me. So I'll be picking them up this season instead, in a different order than I thought after reading this. Especially now that two of the books are signed by Chris Riddell!

Since finishing the Harper Connolly series in August, I've been unfortunate in being Charlaine Harris free. I've not wanted to start the Midnight trilogy because the third book isn't out in paperback yet and I've been hesitant to start the Lily Bard mysteries because the third book is a Christmas themed story. However, now it's Autumn, Christmas is closer (95 days) and I think I can pace myself enough to save the Christmas book for nearer the season. So The Lily Bard Mysteries: Shakespeare's Landlord and Shakespeare's Champion by Charlaine Harris join the TBR pile.

I started the Lux series by Jennifer L Armentrout series as part of my Summer TBR with Obsidian and I loved it! I promptly ordered the rest of the series and in true Imogen fashion, was completely intimidated by the pile of books. I really want to dive back into the world though, Jennifer's writing is so easy to read.

And lastly, I want to start the Lord of the Rings series with The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien. It's about time I finally read it.

I'm hoping a shorter list, darker nights, slightly less work and more hot cocoa will make this TBR a success! Of course, this doesn't include the books I have on my #Hallowreadathon TBR! But more on that soon...

What do you plan on reading this Autumn?

Monday, 19 September 2016

My Summer TBR: End of the Season!

In my original Summer TBR post I had the rather hopeful idea that I would read 1000 pages a week. Little did I know how ridiculous a claim this was! I had a busy Summer so my most was about 780 pages, but I did much better on my Summer TBR then I did on my Spring one. And I found tracking my pages a really interesting experience. But onto the books.

First off, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams didn't get read as the friend I was going to read it with was moving and had internet problems. I honestly don't know when we'll get to it because 2016 has been both a sucky and annoyingly busy year, but I hope it'll be soon! I think we could all do with some humour in our lives.

On a high note, I finally started my re-read of the Chronicles of the Invaders by Jennifer Ridyard and John Connolly! It's slow going because I'm not much of a re-reader of books that I've read as recently as a couple of years but I'm really enjoying revisiting the world. Syl is one of my favourite female characters.

I decided to give up on the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett at the beginning of Summer, and re-read The Edge Chronicles by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell but ended up doing the opposite. The Edge Chronicles were moved to next seasons TBR whereas I started The Colour of Magic this month, I'm still not sure if that was the right choice though... More on that when I review it.

I did end up going down to London and meeting Jennifer L. Armentrout who is absolutely lovely. So it was a good thing that I did get round to Obsidian. And I loved it! You can read my full review rave here but in short- the perfect book for a book blogger.

The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor is still unread. It seems that I'm not as forgiving of the season 6 finale as I thought. I just haven't wanted to pick up anything Walking Dead related over Summer. The same for World War Z by Max Brooks. But I did read Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse? by Max Brallier and my review should be up soon!

The Princess Diaries: Seventh Heaven was a bit of a disappointment, I have a real hatred for slut-shaming which I go into a little more detail here. So I didn't pick up the rest of the series and I'm not sure I ever will. Life is just too short for books you're not 100% passionate about. This may be the one occasion where the movie is better than the book.

Gorilla Beach by Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi is put away for another year. It doesn't seem right to read such a beach read in the dreary town I live in.

And lastly, I finished the last two books in the Harper Connolly omnibus by Charlaine Harris. One in July, and one in August. I can't tell you how good it feels to have this big chunky book on my 'read' shelf next to all my other Charlaine Harris completed series. Onto a new one!

For me, this was a success. I don't know, maybe I need to do monthly TBRs rather than seasonal ones. I thought I would prefer the openness but I find myself getting distracted from my choices. I'll see how I feel after my Autumn TBR (up on the blog tomorrow).
Did you have fun with your Summer reading?

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Books I Took to Northumberland: Take Two!

Now, last time I went to Northumberland, I took twenty books. This time I filled up exactly the same box but clearly my Tetris skills are waning because I only seem to have managed to fit sixteen in. All my currently reading went in first, then it was proofs, and some from my Summer TBR, then whatever the heck I wanted that could fit. So what made the cut?

Conquest by Jennifer Ridyard and John Connolly was a current read that I immediately added to the box, shortly followed by Empire and Dominion*. Yes. I've actually started my re-read of this series and it's all very exciting.

The Countenance Divine by Michael Hughes* was a book I was reading but I've since paused. It sounded really interesting and I'm curious about how the story ends, but the lack of female characters and the way women were spoken about made me too uncomfortable to continue this one.

Kitty's Big Trouble by Carrie Vaughn is another of the books I was currently reading and the one I read for the first couple days of my holiday. It even featured in my monthly wrap-up. I really enjoy these books and I definitely want to pick up the rest of the series as soon as my back account allows.

And my last currently reading auto-pack was The Long Way to A Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers*. I'm not only currently reading this, I'm reading it aloud to a friend of mine. I really want to finish it before the sequel; A Closed and Common Orbit comes out in October but reading aloud takes a surprising amount of time!

I try never to go away without a Deaver and since I live in horror that I'll finish a book and not have the sequel with me, I brought along The Bone Collector and The Coffin Dancer. These are the first two books in the Lincoln Rhyme series that I've been meaning to re-read for a while.

Frostblood by Elly Blake, Caraval by Stephanie Garber and Replica by Lauren Oliver* are all proofs of books coming over the next six months and I'm so excited about all of them. Seriously excited. They all sound amazing and I couldn't leave them at home, even if I only started one of them! And on the YA front, I apparently wasn't satisfied because I shoved These Shallow Graves by Jennifer Donnelly in too.

I recently passed The Governors storyline in The Walking Dead comics and since The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor and The Road to Woodbury cover his story pre-comics, I figured I didn't have to be completely caught up in the comics to re-read them.

And lastly, If You Go Away by Adele Parks* was actually in my handbag and hitched a ride without me noticing until I got here but I'm actually pleased. I promised my dear readers a full review and haven't delivered yet so this gives me a good opportunity to work through my sticky notes and write a hopefully coherent blog post about how amazing this book is.

In all honesty, I didn't even get much reading done though! It didn't turn out to be the relaxing holiday I had hoped for. But, better to have a lot of books and not read them, then finish a lot of books and have nothing left to read! Right?

Am I the only one that over-packs books for holiday?

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Podcast Love #1: Welcome to Night Vale!

I couldn't figure out how to talk about podcasts on my blog. A currently listening to post? Some kind of monthly wrap-up maybe? It didn't fit until I was looking through old posts and found my Blog Love series. Then it clicked, a Podcast Love series where I share a podcast that I adore and tell you why you should listen to it! And how could I start it with anything other than the first podcast I listened to. The start of it all for me.

Welcome to Night Vale book, podcast and mug.

Welcome to Night Vale is a fortnightly 20-30 minute podcast set in the small fictional town of Night Vale; where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and flashing lights move overhead while we all pretend to sleep. Essentially it's a community radio show set in a seriously strange town, hosted by smooth-talking Cecil. The show is diverse, it's weirdly comforting and always positive, and it's the kind of podcast you can listen to in the dead of night when you can't sleep. Taking twenty minutes out of my day to rest and listen to a Night Vale has always been a great self-care exercise for me.

It's been going for almost four years now so there's a lot to catch up on. They say you can just jump on anywhere but the early episodes are definitely my favourite. A few people I know have stopped listening to the current episodes, and I tend to find myself going back to listen to older episodes, but I still think it's great now too. There's also live shows, I went to the one in Manchester and it was fantastic, and a novel. Not only that, it's the first podcast I've seen to bring out books of the scripts, which is great for people with hearing difficulties.

If you're intrigued, you can download it from iTunes or find out more on their website. And I'll leave you with the quote that helped me through some rough times, and had me falling completely in love with Cecil and Night Vale...

"Sometimes you go through things that seem huge at the time like- a mysterious glowing cloud devouring your entire community. While they're happening they feel like the only thing that matters and you can hardly imagine that there's a world out there that might have anything else going on. And then the Glow Cloud moves on. And you move on. And the event is behind you. And you may find, as time passes, that you remember it less and less. Or absolutely not at all, in my case. And you are left with nothing but a powerful wonder at the fleeting nature of even the most important things in life. And the faint but pretty smell of vanilla."

Have you listened to Welcome to Night Vale? What is your favourite podcast?

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