Monday, 16 December 2013

Blogmas Day 13: The Tree

Normally we get our tree on the Saturday before Christmas, but since that Saturday is reserved for my brothers wedding this year, we got our tree this Sunday and I took a couple pictures along the way...

So many choices/ Paying/ leaving the garden centre/ home at last
It's a handsome one if I do say so myself. As a family we always get real trees because we prefer it and after reading about 10 articles about which is better for the environment it seems like theres no conclusive decision. Ours ends up being used as firewood after Christmas and smells amazing so personally I can't imagine not having a real tree but to each their own. I'm not sure I'd miss the needles, thank god for hardwood floors is all I'm saying.

Now just to decorate! It is 4 days and counting till my family arrives and there's so much to do! But instead I find myself watching game plays on YouTube. Oh procrastination. On the other hand I did buy another round of Christmas presents so I'm nearly done on that front.

Are you a real tree or an artificial tree kind of person?


  1. Aww your Christmas tree looks so perfect compared to mine!
    We usually use an artificial tree because we always thought it was less hassle but then it turned that no one actually like the tree :')
    So this year we are proud owners of a masshoosive real tree, dem needles though.

    Other Infinities

    1. I'm sure yours is lovely! Ours will look less perfect when we get our mess of decorations on it but that's what makes it special!
      The needles *shakes fist* <3


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