Monday, 20 January 2014

My 30 before 30 List!

I turned 20 today. The big 2-0. The second decade of my life. The end of the years ending in –teen. The beginning of the end. Too dramatic? Maybe a little. Anyway, since I did just turn twenty I thought I would do something today, other than watching 11 hours of Lord of the Rings as is tradition with me, and I thought with exactly ten years to finish it, that posting up my 30 before 30 list would be fun.

1. Complete Pokémon.
2. Write a Novel.
3. Earn at least a 2:1 in my degree.
4. Do a 365 photo a day challenge.
5. Copy the 'Three Men in a Boat' trip.
6. Take a plane on my own.
7. Spend a St Patrick’s day in Ireland.
8. Learn to drive.
9. Write a will.
10. Own The Walking Dead #1.
11. Host Christmas.
12. See my brother get married. Done! Hence the above picture!
13. Go to Vegas with my oldest friend.
14. Make a quilt.
15. Own a Hyundai Ix35.
16. Own a collection of mugs that all have meaning.
17. Start a small business.
18. Review about 200 books in my Book Journal.
19. Road trip the UK.
20. Go to SDCC.
21. Grow a bonsai tree and keep it alive.
22. Travel Europe on a train.
23. Cosplay.
24. Go to all the places Ashley wants to bring me to.

As you can see I've only got up to 24 because I couldn't think of anything else, but I figure I can add to it. I have 10 years after all.

Do you have a 30 before 30 list or a bucket list?


  1. I have yearly lists rather than bucket lists because I worry that some of the things that are important to me today won't necessarily be in ten years!

    1. Most of mine are ones I've wanted to do for years already so I think they'll stay important.. But a year would be too short for some of my plans because they're ones I'm going to have to save for :') And I still have 6 spaces :D <3

  2. Happy birthday Imogen! I hope you've had a great day, and it looks like you have some big plans for your twenties! I love the idea of road tripping the UK. I have a similar list in my Tumblr page. It's my 27 whilst I'm 27 list.

    1. Thank you Siobhan!
      Big plans indeed, I hope I get to do all of this. I have ten years after all! I'll have to check out your list. :) <3

  3. The first one made me laugh so much! Do you mean the a game or the TV series?

    Other ones you could have are :
    Go to a concert of your favorite band

    Visit the US

    Do an extreme sport like ski/skydive/bungee jump

    Complete some blog related goal.

    I hope this helped!

    Corinne x

    1. The game :') I never finished it when I was a kid on the gameboy but I always wanted to!
      #20 and #24 are in the US so I didn't want to make it separate. But I love the idea of an extreme sport and something blog related. I'll have to have a think! <3

  4. Love this list! I love making goal lists, they are so much fun!

    Happy belated birthday!

    1. Thank you! I love goal lists too, it's great to have something to aim for! <3


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