Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Walking Dead Nails!

Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows that my second favourite show in the world is The Walking Dead (favourite goes to Firefly because I’m a Browncoat forever) and I painted my nails inspired by this promo. Now tonight is the last episode of the Season so I thought I would post these up!

They were pretty easy to do as well! I put a base coat of BarryM’s White, then got a thin paint brush and started drawing with BarryM’s Grey, eventually mixing it with some random red and eventually adding a little bit of Illamasqua Scarab. Of course, you could do this with any brands you wanted. 

Easy and effective, these got a lot of comments- admittedly not all good as some people don’t watch the show and were fairly confused :’) but I liked them either way and they put me in a Season 4 finale mood.

What do you think? What is your favourite TV show? 


  1. those are some epic looking nails! I feel like I know everything thats happened in TWD from your twitter, its very helpful! x

    1. Aha! I'm glad you find my live-tweeting helpful. It's a lot of me going YES or NO at the dramatic bits. :') <3


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