Tuesday, 22 March 2016

My Quiet Re-Read-a-thon TBR!

I love a read-a-thon and I love Beth's blog; The Quiet People [Edit: Unfortunately her blog is gone!] so, on finding out that Beth was hosting a read-a-thon through the Easter weekend, of course, I was going to join! So, the Quiet Re-Read-a-thon. It's a little different in that it's all re-reads (something I'm horrible at since I started blogging) but it's going to be fun. Here are some books I'm hoping to read...

Lexicon by Max Barry, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by JK Rowling, The Three by Sarah Lotz and Conquest, Empire and Dominion by Jennifer Ridyard and John Connolly.

First, We all know I adore Lexicon by Max Barry*. I love itI love love love it. But I've never re-read it and after being let down by Jennifer Government, I'm wondering if Lexicon will hold up two years later. I hope so.

Next it's everyone's favourite re-read! It's Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone! Or Sorcerer's Stone if you're wrong. I'll be honest, the main reason I want to re-read this one is because when I read it with my friend I went a little overboard with the sticky notes to the point where I'd basically be re-reading it anyway trying to get them all out.

Another book I loved when I originally read it was The Three by Sarah Lotz**. The mark of a good book is the way it resonates with you and I still think about this book. The working title of my novel is The Six (don't sue me please, I will change it eventually) because it made sense and a minute later I was kicking myself at the obvious influence.

However, there are only two books I am absolutely definitely going to re-read in this re-read-a-thon and those are Conquest and Empire by Jennifer Ridyard & John Connolly**. I've been in love with this series since it was first published but I haven't got around to reading the third and final book, Dominion, yet. Why? Because I want to re-read Conquest and Empire. Why haven't I done that? Because I don't want this series to be over! I'm not ready! But like a sign, the Quiet Re-Read-a-thon popped up on my Bloglovin' feed and it's time. I can do it.

Are you joining the Quiet Re-Read-a-Thon? What are you going to read?

*I won this book on Goodreads!
** I was sent these books for review! I then went out and bought a hardcover copy of Conquest because I loved it so much.

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